09 March 2007

Blog-achella '07 - Lily Allen (Sun.) / Anathallo (Sun.)

Ambivalence, followed by confusion...

Lily Allen

Who she is: A saucy British bird

What she sounds like: Hmm... kinda like a girl version of the The Streets with singing and some ska thrown in and lyrics about blowjobs and how much everybody but her sucks, from what I gather.

Lily Allen - Friday Night

What I think: I know she's all the hype and whatnot, but I can't say that I'm really on the bandwagon. Can't quite put my finger on it (but ya know, I never really did get The Streets), and upon reading reviews, there are some that are crazy about her and some that think she's the suck... but she's definitely fun and more interesting than 90% of pop. See, I say that, but before I said I wasn't quite feelin' it. So which is it Tone? Make up your mind, waffle-boy!



Who they are: A bunch of apparent weirdos from Michigan... who love Jesus (but hey, who doesn't?)

What they sound like: Just weird, man. Their Myspace page says Folk/Experimental and their lyrics are supposedly heavily Christian, but I say just weird. I mean check this out, and yes, that's the real name of the song... something to do with some Japanese folk tale or some shit...

Anathallo - Hanasakajijii (Four: A Great Wind More Ash)

What I think: As Moe from The Simpsons says, "Whaaaaaaa?"


And a great interwebs find I must tell you about, the music blog called Loronix. If you loves the Brazilian and particularly the Bossa Nova, you have just hit the mother lode. They specialize in full albums (!) of Brazilian goodness, all out of print, from the 50s on up. And they post like 5 a day!! Since finding it last week, I've already picked up albums by Jobim, Astrud Gilberto, Deodato and Dom Um Romao to name a few. Essential! Their file host kinda blows because it makes you wait like an hour between downloads, but that is a mere quibble! Mere! Get at it!

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