29 October 2008

Barry's Block Party?

Eagerly awaiting Barack Obama's big network TV extravaganza tonight. Sources tell me that it will include various clips of him delighting random strangers with street magic and end with him riding into a live rally on a unicorn and pooping a rainbow on the stage... suck on that, David Blaine!

Today, we pay another visit to the all-killer/no-filler Tru Thoughts label and a recent release by Unforscene, three guys who in the past have done various musical things and continue to do so. It's not quite as outright funky as a lot of this label's releases... actually it reminds me a bit of Cinematic Orchestra from their first couple of albums (before they went super-mellow on us)... spacey beats, cinematic (Really? Couldn't think of a different adjective there, Tone? Are you even trying any more?) sounds and vocals by some of your favorite Tru Thoughts voices, including Alice Russell. On this one, we get San Francisco rapper Epcot on what is probably the most uptempo cut on the record...

Unforscene - Let It Ride (ft. Epcot) (ysi)

I love a good Rap song from an unexpected source. Oh, by the way, did I mention my source also told me that Obama's gonna do a song with Q-Tip, Rakim and Chuck D tonight? Really, I'm not making this up... fine, don't believe me. You'll see...

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