27 October 2008

My name is Tonegent, and I am a music addict

I'm gonna geek the fuck out a little bit today, so bear with me...

One area of music that keeps surprising me with it's deep riches and lovely nutty aftertaste is African Funk. I've been quite aggressively collecting music for some time now, but I still feel like I'm just scratching the surface of African Funk goodness... and that is pretty darn cool. Sure, this track is off a well-known (relatively speaking) compilation, but it's stuff like this that makes me want to dig deeper and deeper. One of the guys at a blog that continually blows my mind with its dopeness, the unfuckwiddable Captain's Crate, once put it this way when describing a super-rare jam he was sharing...

"This post stands as a warning to the fledgeling record head, a couple hundred LP's into the game and feeling pretty good about himself and his collection of sample-heavy CTI dollar-bin'ers and lesser known funk-rock gems on Westbound and Cotillion... You don't know how far the rabbit hole goes.

Hear me loud and clear on this one, friends: THE DEEPER YOU GET, THE DEEPER THE MUSIC GETS. There is more ill music out there than you and I can wrap our sorry little heads around and we're suckers to think otherwise.

I'll put it another way... the more stones you turn, the rockier the underbelly."

Those, my friends are wise words, words of encouragement... words that make a music addict like me... well, they make my pants feel kinda funny, if you get my drift. Anyhoo, today's tune comes from Mr. Joe Mensah, who I can't find a good bio for anywhere. All I know is that in Ghana, he was kind of a big deal, and with tunes like this, it's easy to see why...

Joe Mensah - Africa Is Home (ysi)

A burner, that one, eh? How many more of these undiscovered (well, to me anyways) gems are there out there? If you believe my friend at "The Crate", the answer is "a shitload"... so I'm gonna get on that... see ya tomorrow.

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