06 October 2008

That's Horribly Depressing!

I guess it would be pretty mean of me to post a huge downer of a song on a Monday, kinda like pouring salt into a wound... but it's not my fault! It's my iTunes on shuffle that's the asshole here, folks... I am merely the conduit.

Anyhoo, the man responsible for your emotional anguish today is French Hip-Hop producer DJ Cam, who's been around forever, remixed by Co-Frenchy Kid Loco who recently returned with a new record after a seemingly lengthy hiatus. Why they decided to go all Morrisey on your ass, I don't know, but this is actually a pretty song if you can stop sobbing long enough to, um... enjoy it, I guess?

DJ Cam - He's Gone (ft. China)(Kid Loco Remix) (ysi)

Okay, I've pulled myself back from the ledge. Now I'll try to help you curb the urge to slit your wrists with some funny comedy... my latest appearance on Chelsea Lately, in which you see Tone in a way you have never seen him before... and most likely never wanted to...

Now I feel like I need to apologize again... good times around here today, eh? :P

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