24 October 2008

Do I always need a title?

I'm gonna give House Music Friday the week off this week, because... well, just because...

One of the very first posts I made when I switched this site over to Blogger was on the Marvel Team-Up of drummer Steve Reid and knob-twiddler Kieran Hebden. That was a year and a half ago, so maybe it's time to catch up on this dynamic duo, who since then have vanquished several super-villians, including The Riddler, The Penguin, and The Blogger Whose Stupid Comedy Bits Are Probably Really Getting On Your Nerves By Now... oh, and they've released about 43 more albums together. This... is one of them. Here they went and made some tunes with some dudes from Senegal and the result is much more groove-based than the Free Jazz-like stuff they did without the dudes from Senegal. Because the dudes from Senegal, they got no time for that kinda wankery. And in the spirit of House Music Friday, here's an uptempo 4/4 number which I suppose you could mix into a House set... if you were weird or something...

Steve Reid Ensemble - Daxaar (ysi)

Okay, maybe that's a little fast for a House set, but then again that's why God created pitch control. Give it a try and tell me how it works out... :P

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