22 October 2008

Mnml tchn blg

The shuffle seems to be all into the trendy new genres this week...

... because what's trendier than Minimal Techno these days? Sarah Palin Halloween Costumes? Facebook? Being a Lesbian and dating a DJ? Fucked if I know... I'm not too hip on what the kids are really doing these days. But Minimal Techno, that stuff's everywhere. Is it any good? Well, mostly... no. It's just too, how do you say... minimal. Not a lot goin' on in too many of these songs and I like it when there's stuff goin' on. But like any genre, it has it's moments, and in the world of mnml (they're so clever when they call it that, aren't they?) most of those are provided by one Mr. Ricardo Villalobos. Maybe his music has that extra spice because he's from Chile... and maybe I should be punched in the face for using that pun... there are a lot of maybes in this world, people...

Ricardo Villalobos - Unflug (ysi)

So, that's pretty cool, I guess... I don't know if I could listen to that kind of thing all night long without wanting to put my head in a vise and turning it until my skull exploded, but in limited doses and with the help of weed, definitely worth checking out... how's that for a ringing endorsement?

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