10 October 2008

Decidedly not dodgy

House Music Friday treads on dangerous ground today, but lives to tell about it...

House remixes of Pop tunes tend to be dodgy affairs. Sure, a lot of it depends upon the source material, but usually they get some hack to throw a 4/4 beat and cliche synth stabs over the vocal and call it a day. But sometimes someone who knows what they're doing takes on a pop tune and produces something worthwhile... like in the case of today's song. (Well, duh... why else would I even bring it up?). Anyhoo, on this one, you got great source material from that plus-sized sister Jill Scott put through the remix machine by accomplished House dudes Jay-J and Chris Lum and the result is a track you will never be embarrassed to drop into a set...

Jill Scott - Free (Jay-J & Chris Lum Remix) (ysi)

Plus it was nominated for a Grammy... which means fuck-all, but I thought I'd mention it. You might be able to find a copy of this one second hand if you're lucky... make it your project this weekend, and have a great one!

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