07 January 2008

Back in da day?

So now the new guys with the old sound are now old guys with a new sound? Huh?

I've got plenty of love for L.A. hip-hoppers Jurassic 5... I've met a couple of 'em, good guys, and definitely appreciate their throwback sound. But I'll spare you the usual rant about how it was so much better back in da day, because it just exposes me as the surly old curmudgeon I am, plus I'm sure you're bored of it by now. That said, even J5 was better back in da day. I think losing DJ Cut Chemist hurt them (how could it not?), and their last album got pretty much creamed by the critics and some fans who thought they "sold out" and tried to "go mainstream" (two terms I can't stand, but hey, you do a record with Dave freakin' Matthews, you're kinda askin' for it :P ). So here's an track from their first album, and whatever you think of the newer stuff, it's pretty easy to see the appeal of their sound...

Jurassic 5 - W.O.E. Is Me (World Of Entertainment) (ysi)

Music that says "kickin' it at the backyard barbeque" to me, and I can get down with that. But seriously guys, Dave Matthews? (shakes head, rolls eyes)

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Neil Cake said...

I haven't bought their last two albums, but I did see them live last year. They were very good, and didn't suffer with just DJ Nu-Mark on the decks.

Coincidentally, I saw a live set from Cut Chemist just a week previous to that, and he was fairly disappointing. He was good, but he made a lot more obvious mistakes than I expected a top hip-hop DJ to make.

Btw, my favourite track from that "Quality Control" album is "Jurass Finish First".