23 January 2008

(Insert bad "flavor" pun here)

Yet another flavor of breaks this week... it's like a pu-pu platter, I tells ya...

This flavor is best described as Ambient Breaks (second place, strangely enough... "tangy with a hint of saffron"), and is brought to you by one of my favorite producers, Mr. Tom Middleton. He's best known as one half of Global Communication, but of course records under a bazillion aliases, perhaps the strangest of which is "Tom Middleton". Anyhoo, here's a long, downright mesmerizing track from his recent digital-only EP, Excursions 1. Fans of Orbital or Irresistible Force definitely need to peep this one...

Tom Middleton - Shinkansen (ysi)

By the way, "Shinkansen" = Japanese for Bullet Train. Around here, you get some good music, and you get learned somethin'!

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