29 January 2008

Sexy time music

You probably don't come by here expecting tracks from obscure 4AD acts, but that's what yer gettin' today, and yer gonna like it!

No really, you're gonna like it a lot. Boy/girl duo Insides dropped their debut record in 1993 or so to little or no fanfare, and I can't even remember how I came around to buying it. I seem to think I found it at a $1 sale and I just liked the kinda sexy cover, so I put it in my pile. Hey, I'm a guy, I'm shallow like that... sue me. But my shallowness served me well, because this record is awesome. It's all light electronics, heavily effected guitars and Kirsty Yates' breathy, sultry voice... kind of an ambient version of Trip-Hop a year or two before people decided that was what to call it... This track here, in my opinion (which is the only one that counts :P ) might just be one of the sexiest songs ever put on wax...

Insides - Distractions (ysi)

Yeah, you feel like makin' the sexy time after that, don't ya? It's okay, run with it...

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