24 January 2008

Ya don't say!

Had a request for some more Dub-style goodness, and I aims to please... although this isn't quite traditional dub...

Actually it's more of a jazzy dub/drum & bass combo deal thingy courtesy of France's Sayag Jazz Machine. I just got hipped to these guys and they have an interesting combo of beats, live horns, turntablism and such going on. I can't find out much more though, because all the info I can find on them is in French, which is all Greek to me. (Wow, that was a bad joke even by my standards.) The record's called No Me Digas, which means "Ya don't say!". I ran the song title through Babel Fish and got "Before it does not speak", which makes not much sense. I'm all about the translations this week...

Sayag Jazz Machine - Avant Qu'elle Ne Parle (ysi)

Nice stuff. These guys are also heavy into the video element. Check out this cool-ass "trailer" for their live show.

Yep, I think I'd like to see that!

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