30 January 2008

Blog-achella 08: Get yer tracksuit on!

Yet more tunes to put some dance in yer pants...


Who they are: A couple of wacky Norwegians who rock spiffy tracksuits at all times. Tracksuits, not just for Jerry Seinfeld's dad anymore!

What they sound like: Similar to our last couple of artists, but more along the lines of, say, Chromeo i.e. Electro-pop w/o guitars for the most part. Love the little "Grease" moment in this song...

Datarock - Computer Camp Love (ysi)

What I think: Not, that I like "Grease", because that would make me ghey. Well, I wouldn't say these guys are as good as Chromeo (whom I just saw live and they were the shizzle, nizzle!), but I hear Datarock put on a good show, too. Fun music if not life-changing, and hey, sometimes fun is all ya need. Except for the times that you don't need fun, for instance, um... when you're dead, I guess. Check 'em out.

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