22 January 2008

Blog-achella 08: Yep, it's back.

So here's the thing... I started out in this bloggin' game by doing act-by-act previews of Coachella for my friends because I am obsessed with Coachella and have only missed 1 of 8, and I like to know everything so I don't miss anything) It's become a tradition. But... I like the music selection I've been blogging and the little niche I'm delusional enough to think I've carved out for myself here in the blog-o-sphere. So, what do I do... keep on with the goodness or change the pace around here for a couple months? The answer...

Fuck it, I'll do both! :P

From now 'til the end of April, expect your usual Tonegents post of the best of all things funky, plus your Blog-achella post previewing the greatest concert festival in the world. I figure it's always good to discover even more great new music, and also it is really fun to write nasty sometimes. I love to talk a little shit, and I especially love getting flamed by illiterate Tokyo Police Club fans. Gives me a chuckle. So, let the highly-opinionated fun begin, and actually this year it begins quite well.


Who he is: A founding member of the Living Legends crew, and sometimes blogger.

What he sounds like: Just good Hip-Hop. What, you want some flowery description?

Luckyiam - The Best I Can (ysi)

What I think: Da good ish. Living Legends are, erm, legendary in West Coast underground Hip-Hop (making their name quite appropriate). They may not be nationally known, but the headz recognize. And you know, what's national success, fame and riches when you can have the adulation of a small number of white guys with hoodies and backpacks? Anyhoo, once again this year, there's not a whole lot of Hip-Hop goin' on at the Coachizzer, so definitely check him out if that's how you roll.


Anonymous said...

I am OVERJOYED you are doing blog-achella this year. Its the time of year I look forward to most! As well as your witty banter, with the posts! KEEP IT COMING MY FRIEND!

Anonymous said...

Yes, thats how i roll...you will find me head bobbin' here fo sho!