30 January 2008

Blog-achella 08: Get off J.M.'s jock already!

Due to technical error (that's my fancy way of saying I forgot to upload a freakin' tune this morning before I shuffled off to work :P ), there will be no regular Tonegents post today, but Blog-achella, however, proceeds...

Professor Murder

Who they are: Four sorta robot ant lookin' dudes from Brooklyn. Strange.

What they sound like: Now, with a name like Professor Murder, I woulda put my bet on some Dancehall Reggae, maybe? Wrong! Actually, it's time for more mediocre Indie Dance Rock... yay.

Professor Murder - Free Stress Test (ysi)

What I think: It's the shitty vocals that kill this one for me. At least the guy in the last band could sing a bit. This genre is getting so watered down right now, that I think it's just about over. Sure, the good ones will survive... and let's add The Rapture to yesterday's short list... but this here is just aping a sound that other folks do better, without addin' nothin' to it. Double negative, beeyatch! Suck it!

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