24 January 2008

Blog-achella 08: Have yer way with me

And now, welcome back to Blog-achella, Tonegents' slightly retarded, antisocial roommate with a Pine-Sol huffing problem...


Who they are: A couple of jolly German fellows.

What they sound like: Kinda hard to pin down, as they don't really sound like anyone else. You could use words like Techno and Electro with a side of Dubstep and a dash of Hip-Hop if you liked... and for those of you crying that Radiohead won't be playing Coachella (and I'm not being snarky, I'm right there with ya), maybe Thom will show up and perform this song with 'em. Let's start a rumor!

Modeselektor - The White Flash (ft. Thom Yorke) (ysi)

What I think: Really lovin' these guys right now, for the exact opposite reason I gave the "meh" to whatstheirbandname yesterday. Originality gets you pretty far with me. Probably even to third base if I've had enough to drink. Hey, don't call me a slut! I'm just easy... there's a difference...


Shawn said...

I really love these guys, I need to get more of their stuff. I dig the Dancing Box song with the glitched out French(?) rap. Cool stuff. Starting a Coachella 2008 playlist with all your goodies.

ElanaJOy said...

I like it.