02 January 2008

I'm baaaa-aaack!

Did ya miss me? I know you did. It's okay to admit it. I won't tell anyone, promise. So, maybe you're expecting some kind of Best of 2007 list or something, but quite frankly, what's the point? Sure, every blogger does it, but if you read enough of those lists, I'm quite sure that you'll eventually find that every single album released in 2007 is on someone's list somewhere, right down to the new Ted Nugent... so if you put any weight into what you're reading... well, you see what I'm getting at. Pointless. Besides, you might have noticed that I'm not overly concerned with how new something is when posting... so, that said, let's start off 2008 with something new...

Well, pretty new, anyway. Chicago, Detroit, Redruth is the (I think) latest from the ridiculously prolific Luke Vibert, aka Wagon Christ, aka Plug, aka Kerrier District aka Ace of Clubs aka, aka, aka... yeah, dude pretty much wakes up in the morning and poops good music. As you would guess, with so many aliases, he dabbles in a wide variety of styles, and lately he's been all about the retro acid sound, much like Aphex Twin's Analord releases (check here for a taste of that), and I can get behind this little revival...

Luke Vibert - Chicago, Detroit, Redruth (ysi)

Yep, them 808's take me back to the day... or they would if I remembered any of it. Ah, I'm just kiddin' with ya... sorta... :P

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