31 January 2008

Blog-achella 08: In which I may come off like a dick, and am totally ok with that...

I'd like to start this post of with a disclaimer: Blog-achella (trademark pending) is a public service, and inasmuch I feel obligated to present each and every band at Coachella for your previewing purposes, regardless of my personal opinion of them. That is not to say that the management of Tonegents condones the existence of each and every band at Coachella. Oh, far from it! To wit...

The Black Lips

Who they are: A bunch of knuckleheads from Atlanta... well, at least Atlanta still has the strip clubs to rest it's laurels on.

What they sound like: Kinda like if you gave a bunch of Ritalin-addled teens instruments and locked them out in the garage in hopes that they'd wear themselves out so you could get some damn sleep for a change... but it doesn't work and the noise coming from said garage makes you want to puree your eardrums with a hand blender.

The Black Lips - Stoned (ysi)

(Amazon link withheld because no one should buy this, ever)

What I think:
It almost pains me to put music this bad on my blog. But the Indie kids love it. And they should be locked in the same garage with this band, along with a '76 Buick with a busted carb that is running and belching out smoke the color of Dr. Phil's soul. Trust me, it would be best for everyone.

(Let the flaming begin!)

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