08 February 2008

Blog-achella 08: Breaks biznezz

Time for the last Blog-achella post of the week, and we're going to end up back in the Sahara Tent...

Adam Freeland

Who he is: One of the most respected Breaks DJ's out there, and has been for quite some time.

What he sounds like: Well, I kind of gave that away up there, didn't I? Expect funky, techy Breaks up yer earholes. Here's a recent original...

Adam Freeland - Silverlake Pills (ysi)

What I think: If I had my choice of Breaks DJ's, Freeland wouldn't necessarily be on the top of the list (that would be Plump DJ's, btw) but if you want to end your Friday night dancing your face off, the likely
Adam Freeland/Fatboy Slim back-to-back action is a pretty damn nice way to do it.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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