11 February 2008

Blog-achella 08: This one could be mad decent

Back to this Blog-achella business, where Natalie Cole will not be playing this year...


Who he is: Crazy record spinning, M.I.A.-boning DJ from Florida, Philly and pretty much everywhere else. Don't you think he looks like one of the fucked-up kids from a Larry Clark movie? Kinda scary.

What he sounds like: From what I gather, he's likely to play anything in a set, but he's best known for Mash-Ups, Baile Funk and booty music in general... this track will give you a bit of an idea...

Diplo - Diplo Rhythm (ysi)

What I think: Never seen him, but I'd very much like to just to see how it goes... could be a Z-Trip like "every beat and the kitchen sink" set (which I love) or could be an hour straight of Baltimore booty bass crap. We'll find out!

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ElanaJoy said...

Will have to give this a pass-by