01 February 2008

Blog-achella 08: Enter the French

There's gonna be a LOT of this next kind of music at Coachella this year, so I hope ya like it! Yeah, right, like you'd have to spend even a second at this festival listening to something you didn't like...

Busy P

Who he is: Mr. Pedro Winter, the head of Ed Banger Records and seemingly one goofy motherfucker :P

What he sounds like: Well, he's the head of Ed Banger, so it's that grindy, dirty French Electro/House that the kids are all crazy for these days. This is most definitely going to be a DJ set, but here's one of his own for ya...

Busy P - Rainbow Man (ysi)

What I think: Not really lovin' that song, but again... DJ set. The thing with this French sound is that it can literally from song to song go from really good to intensely irritating, so who knows? How's that for conclusive?

Have a great weekend!


ElanaJoy said...

you know my weakness for frenchies.....woooooooooooooo....volume up full blast! Will definitely check out his DJ set!

Pedro said...

Try this remix out, its more dancefloor friendly:


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