07 February 2008

Hey, I forgot to put a title on this post!

This one is for ma laday...

Oooh yeah... you know what we're missin' around here? Some slow jamz... and I brought in a guest DJ to help me out...

"Welcome to We-Love Radio, this is Mister Senor Love Daddy comin' to you from around the block, around the clock. Yes, children, this is the cool-out corner. We're slowing it down for all the lovers in the house. I'll be giving you all the help you need. Musically, that is. The rest is up to you, but I know you know what to do. So grab your lover, squeeze 'em tight, and dig the smooth sounds of Rufus & Chaka Khan..."

Rufus & Chaka Khan - Sweet Thing (ysi)

"...and that's the triple truth, Ruth..."

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ElanaJoy said...

best movie of all time!