01 February 2008

Go Giants! (plus music)

This week's House Music Friday presents one of my favorite producer/remixers...

... and that man would be Mr. Fred Everything, formerly of Montreal, now based in San Francisco. Them's two damn good cities to hang out in, right there! I'd love to have something a little more interesting on the guy, but really... a lot of these house music producers aren't terribly interesting dudes. They don't really need to have much of a personality... they make music, they go out and DJ, they smoke cigarettes and they probably get a lot of hummers from E'd-up groupies. Actually that sounds like a great time... but it don't give me much fodder for clever commentary. But who needs commentary when you got some funky deep house?

Fred Everything - Winter Blues (ysi)

Not nearly as depressing as the song title would suggest, huh? You know who's gonna be depressed this weekend? Patriots fans, that's who, when my New York Football Giants shock the world!!!!!

(Okay, that's probably not gonna happen...)

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