13 February 2008

Blog-achella 08: Let's get wanky

Next up, we have another band making a return appearance at the 'Chella, although for these guys it's been a couple years...

Minus The Bear

Who they are: A Seattle band that eschews the flannel for a multi-pack of T-Shirts from the Ross clearance aisle.

What they sound like: A couple of years ago when I reviewed them, I seemed to think that they were a moderately clever yet ultimately forgettable Indie Pop band. Since then, they seem to have added a keyboard player and gotten more experimental in sound, lovin' 'em some odd time signatures... basically a lot more wanky...

Minus The Bear - Dr. L'ling (ysi)

What I think: I guess I'd say... nice try, but you're not yet there, boys. A good measuring stick for a band is how well they can pull off disappearing up their own arse. You gotta be really, really good to make your most self-indulgent efforts worthwhile (like, say, Radiohead in the "Kid A/Amnesiac" period). If you're some guys who were just "meh" in the first place... hmph.

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