06 February 2008

Syracuse funk?!?!?!

Yet another return appearance here at Tonegents... sorta...

... because here we have our second track from a Keb Darge compilation to pop up in the shuffle. Keb is a Scottish DJ that lives and breathes the deep Funk (actually, I think he may have even coined the term), and his comps are just full of rare fire you seemingly can't get anywhere else... well at least not without a wad of Ben Franklins in your pocket. Now, Bad Medicine, an all white guy funk band from Syracuse, NY (!!!!!), are pretty much known only for their well-sampled cut "Trespasser", but here Keb drops the b-side, because that's how guys like him roll...

Bad Medicine - Trespasser, Pt. 2 (ysi)

Syracuse, home of more than just a pathetic college football team! And do you believe that the only place I found that has this in stock is Barnes & Noble? How weird is that? (Answer: kinda weird)

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