18 February 2008

Blog-achella 08: Does he call his tracks "fables"?

Now we have a must-see for the Hip-Hop heads, whose choices are kinda slim at the 'Chella this year...

Aesop Rock

Who he is: White rapper alert!

What he sounds like: Underground Hip-Hop, and I can't lie to ya, homeboy's sound is a bit, shall we say... obtuse...

Aesop Rock - Super Fluke (ysi)

What I think: So yeah, interesting... certainly a unique flow and certainly interesting beats, but not exactly party-starting material, knowhutimean? I'd add more, but I'm still distracted by the Lindsay Lohan photo shoot from New York Magazine that surfaced today. What can I say, men are pigs and I is a men. Sue me. :P

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