08 February 2008

He's kinda tubby, and his beats are fat, too.

House Music Friday brings you yet another A-list producer...

First off, the thing I didn't know about Ian Pooley... he's German! Huh? Well, turns out Pooley's not his real name - it's Pinnekamp. Hmmm, I'm voting good move on the change. Pinnekamp doesn't exactly flow from the tongue, does it? (Also, I didn't realize that ol' Ian needs to lay off the ham sandwiches a bit... homeboy's a bit chunky.) Anyhoo, whatever his name is, he's put out three full albums of Brazilian-influenced house goodness and has at least a couple stone-cold classics to his name ("What's Your Number?", "Balmes" with Esthero), plus lots and lots of top-notch remixes. That said, this track is none of those things... but it is a nice instrumental Deep House number, very summery...

Ian Pooley - Here We Go (New Version) (ysi)

Pooley's got a new one due out in the next couple of months. You can bet I'll be checking that one out and you should, too. Why? Because I said so, that's why! Don't argue with me... I'll send you to your room!

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ElanaJoy said...

Yes, yes, he's german, he's a german GENIUS. He will still be my all time favorite afternoon dance memory of coachella, what was it, 2000? 2001? Damn, I'm old.
He is sensational, ham sandies or not!