11 February 2008

Natalie Cole can bite me!

Now, we all know the Grammys are a big joke, but I must report on one thing from last night that pissed me off, namely Natalie Cole saying that Amy Winehouse didn't deserve her Grammys because of her famous tabloid exploits. Actually, she deserved her Grammys for making a fantastic album, Natalie Cole - and it was even her own material! What, are you just bitter because the only hit you ever had was a gimmicky cover version of one of your dad's songs, which was basically just you doing karaoke? A singers' personal problems have nothing to do with the quality of their music. You yourself admitted to having a major heroin and crack problem in the past, and you're gonna hate on this chick? You gonna give your Grammys back? Didn't think so. Fuck off, Natalie Cole. Go get hit by a bus, you self-righteous hypocrite.

Anyhoo, let's cool off the hate with a little love & happiness, shall we? Here, off a fantastic old Soul/Funk compilation on the always quality BBE Music is pianist Monty Alexander doing a bouncy Reggae/Jazz take on the Al Green classic, complete with some nice guitar playing, too...

Monty Alexander - Love And Happiness (ysi)

Smooth. And here's an awesome fact about this song from Rolling Stone...

"Guitarist Hodges wrote the urgent, romantic "Love and Happiness" one morning in between having sex with his girlfriend and watching wrestling on TV."

I can't tell you how much I love that. Morning sex, pen a timeless classic, watch Bruno Sammartino and the Iron Sheik in a steel cage match. That's the life! Peace, everyone... except Natalie Cole, who can suck it.

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